Make the Most of Your Membership… Volunteer Today!

Active members of the New Jersey Chapter will tell you that peer-to-peer networking and gaining value from the chapter starts at the committee level. There are many opportunities to participate no matter how much (or how little) time you have to give, so please fill out the volunteer form to get started!


The team provides engaging and industry relevant speakers at a variety of venues in support of professional development for chapter members. To do this they need help identifying and securing speakers, developing topics for sessions, and all the aspects of meeting planning for the events.


Jennifer Lloyd, Audible
Shane Whelan, KBA Lease Services

Executive Board Liaison: Marianne Zeller, ServiceNow


Kelcia Azevedo, Macquarie
Karen Ehrenworth, JLL
Mohammed Shehzad, Atriade
Jeff Weidenborner, Tenant Fusion
Mike Nieliwodski, CBRE
Andrew Kolen, Cresa


The team works to develop positive exposure and awareness about the chapter by taking photos at events, writing event recaps for the website and newsletter, and utilizing social media.


Banafsheh Soltani
Veronica Stampfl, Levine Contract Furniture, Co-Chair
Executive Board Liaison: Dana Nalbantian, Gensler


Kelley Douglass, Holoform
Karen Ehrenworth, JLL


This committee helps grow the chapter by identifying new members (both end users and service providers), while retaining existing members.


Brent Kozlowski, Commercial Furniture Interiors

Executive Board Liaison: Brooke Dubinski, Turner Construction Company 


Nicolas DeCotiis, JLL
Tamas Petrofi, RDA

Erick Paley, Foundation Title
Steve Rinn, American Properties
Rimma Wilms, Rutgers University


This committee is responsible for identifying people and companies interested in sponsoring chapter events and promoting their firm.


Lisa Brinkman, JLL
Tami Pegos, Gensler

Executive Board Liaison: Christie Mullen, Structure Tone


Bernadette Barnett, Americon HIIT 

Special Events

This energetic and creative group plans all the fun social events such as the Summer Social, networking happy hours and more.


Michael Blau, CFI
Melissa Strickland, HLW


Steve Chemi, Sweetwater Construction Corp
Matt McTaggert, The Graphix Spot

Young Leaders

This group is focused on identifying potential members new to the industry (35 years old and younger) to help them get a jump start on their professional development while establishing a forum for continuing education, mentoring and social networking.


Justin Brzostowski, AIS
Allie Edelman, CBRE
Thomas DeRuvo, Rutgers student
Alex Friedenberg, JLL

Advisor: Jodie Matthews, JLL 


Caitlin Bakofsky, HLW

Tyler Conley, Turner Construction 

Women's Group

This group is dedicated to providing networking opportunities and programs specific to women in the Corporate Real Estate industry. Our goal is to elevate women in Corporate Real Estate through engagement, empowerment and education.


Alex Goggin, Century Group

Brooke Dubinski, Turner Construction

Executive Oversight: Mary Beth Sullivan, Teknion


Beth O'Brien, Gunlocke
Deana Jarmolowich, WB Wood
Lisa Brinkman, JLL
Tami Pegos, Gensler

Erin Pollex, Interface
Mary Beth Sullivan, Teknion, Executive Oversight

Community Outreach

This committee is responsible for creating meaningful opportunities for chapter members to give back to the community.


Perry Cirigliano, Patcraft, Co-Chair
James Brandt, AMA Consulting Engineers


Andrea Megnin, JLL
Ana Mendes, Standard Chartered Bank
Jill Barone, Xylem

Diversity Equity Inclusion

This Committee 1) is a DEI advisory resource for the chapter leadership and committees through training, planning and programing/speaker referrals; 2) shares the corporate real estate profession with diverse student groups through speaking engagements and possibly facilitating internships; and 3) hosts DEI workshops and awareness events.


Wendy Ceron, HLW
Matthew Negron, Dauphin


Conrad Chang, AMA Group
Karen Kransnomowitz, Creative Office Resources
Riddi Pandya-Zala, Ware Malcomb
Jennifer Ramos, Turner Construction
Steve Rinn, American Properties
Pay Wu, MWBE Unite, Inc.