CoreNet NJ Diversity Statement

CoreNet New Jersey Chapter Diversity/Equity/Inclusion (DEI) Statement

We commit to promoting an inclusive environment and eliminating discrimination within our chapter and the greater NJ corporate real estate industry. We do not support discrimination in any form – including race, skin color, national origin, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or age. As we work to find ways our chapter can foster a diverse and inclusive culture, we will embrace the five tangible actions identified by CoreNet Global to achieve our goal: Leadership, Volunteers, Resources, Education, Community:

  1. Leadership. CoreNet Global will prioritize strategic inclusion at the board and staff level driving action together to cultivate and attract diverse leadership talent.
  2. Volunteers. The strength of our association comes from our dedicated member volunteers. We will provide additional training and support to ensure these champions of corporate real estate foster a strong sense of inclusion and belonging in all CoreNet Global education and networking offerings.
  3. Resources. CoreNet Global will grow its library of resources to assist members in a greater understanding of how they can support diversity and inclusion within their own companies.
  4. Education. We will provide new and timely educational content focused on these important issues through all of our content delivery channels.
  5. Community. We will continue to grow a diverse pipeline of talent for the corporate real estate profession. The association will enhance our career resources to aid our members in identifying diverse talent for internships and job opportunities.

 We will guide our members to lead by example and will partner, where necessary, with diversity and inclusion experts to provide a welcoming environment.